What is Q-Clear?

Q-Clear Laser Treatment

Toenail fungus has always been difficult to treat at home. You can spend months faithfully painting toenail medication on your nails and still notice no improvement. Dr. Michael Guerra, your South Burlington, VT., podiatrist, explains how Q-Clear laser treatment can kill the fungus quickly and efficiently.Q-Clear Laser Foot Fungus

Why is toenail fungus so hard to treat?

Although the surface of your toenail becomes discolored when you have toenail fungus, the problem actually starts underneath your nail. Fungus begins to grow on the nail bed and soon affects the entire nail. If the treatment you use doesn't target the source of the fungal infection, your nails will continue to appear yellow and brittle. Unfortunately, it's impossible for paint-on products to penetrate your nail and reach the fungus. As new nail sections emerge, they're infected by the fungus, making it very difficult to treat the problem effectively.

How does Q-Clear work?

Q-Clear uses laser light to target and kill troublesome toenail fungus. Unlike other types of treatment, laser therapy can penetrate the nail without damaging surrounding tissues. The laser works by targeting the pigment in the fungus. When the light hits the pigment, heat is generated, which kills the fungus.

Is Q-Clear treatment in South Burlington, VT., painful?

Your toe may feel a little warm during laser treatment, but you won't experience any pain. In most cases, you'll only need one visit, which will take 20 minutes or less. If your problem is severe, you may require two treatments. Since the treatment isn't painful and doesn't damage your skin, you can go back to work or return to your usual activities immediately.

When will my toenail start to look better?

You won't experience immediate results after Q-Clear treatment, but as your toenail grows, you'll see a clear, fungus-free nail emerge from your nail bed. Since Q-Clear is painless, it's a good treatment for people of any age. Would you like to finally get rid of unsightly toenail fungus? Call Dr. Guerra, your South Burlington, VT., podiatrist, at (802) 862-8666 to find out how you can benefit from Q-Clear laser treatment.