Treatment Options For Bunions

Here are some simple, nonsurgical ways to get bunion pain under control.

Take a look at your family’s feet. If they are dealing with bunions, then chances are good that this is a problem you’re going to deal with. While bunions can be the result of traumatic injuries to the foot, structural foot defects and genetics can also play a significant role in the development of bunions. Of course, there are certain habits that our Burlington, VT, podiatrist Dr. Michael Guerra may recommend practicing now to prevent newly formed bunions from getting worse.

We’ll Try Conservative Treatments First

You’ll be relieved to know that most people won’t need to undergo surgery to treat their bunions. While surgery is the only way to get rid of a bunion, in most instances our Burlington, VT podiatrist can help patients control their bunion-related pain and swelling through simple lifestyle modifications and home care including,

  • Icing the bunion for 10-15 minutes at a time, 2-3 times a day
  • Taking anti-inflammatory medication to ease painful flare-ups
  • Applying non-medicated padding to the bunion to prevent shoes from rubbing against the skin, which can cause a callus to form
  • Turning to our podiatry team to craft custom orthotics, or shoe inserts, which can take the pressure off the bunion and provide cushioning and support for the foot structure when standing, walking, or running
  • Practicing foot and toe stretching and strengthening exercises to strengthen the muscles of the feet
  • Avoiding shoes with high heels (any heels above 2 inches), pointed toes, and worn-out or poorly fitted shoes (if shoes bunch up your toes, then it’s time to replace them)
  • Having your feet properly measured before getting new shoes
  • Wearing a bunion splint at night, which can reposition the big toe to alleviate morning aches and pains

What if Conservative Treatments Don’t Work?

If you find that despite all the changes you’ve made for the sake of your bunion that you still aren’t experiencing ample relief, then it’s definitely time to turn to our Burlington, VT, podiatry team to determine more aggressive treatment options. You may want to consider surgery if:

  • Your bunion is large
  • You have trouble finding shoes that properly fit because of the size of your bunion
  • Your bunion has caused your big toe to cross over your smaller toes
  • You deal with severe swelling and pain around the big toe joint
  • You have trouble walking or participating in certain activities because of your bunion

If you are dealing with bunion pain or noticing changes in the shape of your feet our Burlington, VT, podiatrists can help. We offer a variety of non-surgical and surgical treatment options for addressing bunions of all severities. To schedule a consultation with our podiatry team, please call Burlington Podiatry at (802) 862-8666.