FAQs about Laser Nail Treatment

Toenail fungus can be incredibly difficult to treat at home, even if you apply over-the-counter products daily. Fortunately, laser treatments toenail fungusfrom your Burlington, VT, podiatrist, Dr. Michael Guerra can help clear your nails with less effort.

Why isn't home treatment helping?

Over-the-counter anti-fungal treatments only reach the outer layers of your toenails. The fungus can lurk deep inside nails and is often present on the skin under the nail. No matter how diligently you apply the product, it may never clear your nail.

How does laser treatment work?

Laser treatment targets the yellow pigment in toenail fungus. The energy from the light beam heats the pigment to help kill the fungal spores. The laser is aimed at only the fungus and doesn't damage any of the surrounding healthy skin.

Does laser nail fungus treatment hurt?

The laser that your Burlington foot doctor uses produces short bursts of laser energy to prevent your toe from becoming too hot. Although you'll notice that your toe feels a little warm or tingles when the laser beam is activated, treatment isn't uncomfortable in the least.

Will my toe look better immediately?

Over the course of 3-4 months a new clear nail will grow out replacing the old discolored nail.

How much downtime will I need?

There is absolutely no downtime needed with laser treatment. After you leave your foot doctor's office, you can go right back to work or continue your usual daily activities!

How can I avoid fungal infections in the future?

You can reduce your risk of developing a new infection by wearing shoes and sandals in locker rooms and other public areas. If someone in your family has toenail fungus, don't share towels, washcloths, shoes or socks. Wash shared bedding often and use the hot water wash cycle.

Fungi thrive in sweaty shoes and other dark, moist environments. Choose shoes made of breathable materials, and alternate the shoes you wear. If your feet perspire heavily, wash your feet and change your socks during the day.

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