Could Laser Treatments Help Me?

Nail fungus can be very stubborn. Even after months of home treatment, your nail may still be discolored and show no signs of laser treatmentsimprovement. Laser treatment for nail fungus offers a better option. Our South Burlington, VT, podiatrist, Dr. Michael Guerra, explains how laser treatment works.

Reaching the source of the infection is key

The anti-fungal products you paint on your toenails often don't work because they can't fully penetrate the nails. If the medication can't reach the fungus underneath the nail, it won't be effective no matter how often you apply it. Unlike topical medication, laser light can penetrate the many layers of your toenail quickly and easily.

Laser treatment heats and kills fungus

Toenail fungus doesn't like high temperatures. When laser light targets the fungus under your nail, it heats the pigment that gives the fungus its color, causing it to die.

Lasers offer precision treatment

Damaging healthy cells isn't a concern when you have laser nail fungus treatment in our South Burlington office. One of the most important benefits of laser treatment is the ability to precisely target small areas. During your treatment, the light will be directed toward the fungus and won't damage the surrounding healthy tissue.

A pain-free option

Although laser treatments use heat to kill the fungus, extremely high temperatures aren't needed to kill the infection. At most, your toe will feel moderately warm during your treatment. The laser generates light in short bursts, which also prevents your toe from becoming too warm. You may notice a mild tingling sensation but shouldn't experience any pain.

There's no downtime with laser fungus treatment

After your laser treatment, you can go back to work or continue doing the things you normally do. Your fungus will be dead when you leave our office, but you won't see an immediate improvement in your nail. Over the next several months, you'll notice a clear section of the nail growing from the bottom up. Eventually, the discolored area will grow out completely, and your nail will be perfectly clear and healthy.

Are you tired of spending money on anti-fungal products that don't work? Consider laser treatment for nail fungus. Call our South Burlington, VT, podiatrist, Dr. Guerra, at (802) 862-8666 to schedule an appointment.